FrontPage 2000, step by step


Normally, when you open a frontpage2000 software, you will see this window below. As a beginner, you should know how to use these functions in  views window. The default function is Page (see left side of this window). when you begin to edit a page, please make sure to use normal which is one of  three statuses (normal, html, preview,  see button of this window) ,


step 1: now everything is ready! You may just simply type some characters

           then use your mouse to highlight them, right click on your  

           mouse to choose font function.


step 2: In this example, I would like set font to algerian, font style to

            bold and size to 6.


step 3: Also I can choose a color I like! See, go to color function and

           click on more colors.         


Step 4: it is nice, isn't?!  I like rose color, what about you.... Don't forgot

            click on OK after you make a choice.


step 5: I got it... this is the color I paint for my homepage title.


step 6: How to make a  hyperlink?  Follow me, I will show you ....

           Right now, I am going to create a hyperlink to my it222 default

           page.  All you need to do is to highlight it222 and right click your

           mouse,  choose hyperlink.             


step 7: Then , just type a correct address at URL and click OK.

           that's it!


step 8: Now, I am going to choose a color for the background.

           go to format at the top of this window, click on background. then

           you will see ...


 step 9: You have two ways to create your background: one is to save the  

             background as an image (click on background picture), this way you  

             need to find an image at local drivers. Another way is to simply

             choose a color from background function:                        



step 10: I've almost done! Remember, every time, you should see your

             html page at the preview window (that means you should

            change your  page status from normal to preview). But, once you     

            want to edit your page, you should go back to normal status, or

            go to  html status to make some changes in source code!