How to use Netscape Composer
   1. How to Access Netscape Composer.
           open Netscape browser, and then select file in title bar, go to edit page, Netscape Composer window will pop up.
     2. Create new page.  Click new button, a blank page will show up.
     3. Edit the text. You  can type any text you want, if you want to change size, color,style or font of text,
         highly the words, select proper items from the tool bar.
     4. Make a Hyperlink. Highlight the words you want to link, and then select link button in the tool bar,  you will see  a window as the following.

             Enter the URL which you want to link to.

      5. Insert  image, horizontal line or table. Put the cursor in the place where you want to insert, then go to the title bar to select Insert,
          then select the proper items  you want, also you can find shortcut of these items in the tool bar.
          Suppose you want to insert a table, after clicking table item, a table window will pop up like this:
         then you can set the table properties.
      6. Set Background of the page. Go to select Format from the title bar, then click Page colors and properties, a window will pop up like this:
         through this window, you set the background by using image or single color, and also change the color of Normal Text, Link Text.....

        7. Set the alignment of the text or image. Select Format, and click  Align, then you get three choices, select anyone you want.
       8. After you update the page, please save your page, and then you can preview it by using Preview button in the tool bar.