Q1.  Where are homepage restored?

A: The pages are stored in a server whose platform may be UNIX, VMS or Window NT. You have account to access the server to store your pages.

Q2.  How to get a server access?

A: In this class, we use window NT (drexel) as server. First you apply a pearl(NT) account , store your files in this account, drexel server will automatically map files from pearl.

Q3.  What is personal homepage's website?

A: "htpp://drexel.cstp.umkc.edu/your username/" is your homepage website, when you type this site, server will look for "default.htm" in your account which is your first homepage, and then you can use hypertext link to link next page, and so on. if Your create an it222 directory in pearl, your homepage website should be "http://drexe.cstp.umkc.edu/your username/it222/ "                       


Q4. What is relationship between server and Browser?

Generally, browser may be Netscape or explorer. When you type your website, browser will send a message according HTTP to server, and server locates the related file to this website, and send that file back to browser, and browser displays it.  See example


Q5. Why is  the Window NT server used?

In this class, we use Window NT(drexel) as server, because it is graphic system, NT support ASP technology which make webpage interactive.


Q6. Do we have any due dates for assignments?

We run the Live Lecture and Web sections in a similar manner. There are suggested due dates on the Calendar, but these are soft due dates.  You can always go back and re-do or upgrade an assignment if you want to improve your grade.  If you want a grade for the current semester, just be sure to have everything done by finals week.


.Q7. How to beginning to build homepage?

First, make sure you have FrontPage or dream waver, or other html editor. also you should have graphic editor if you want to rich your pages . second, you can build your "default.htm" page, and make some links to next page.


Q8. How to copy a picture from internet?

  A: Put cursor on the picture, and click right button of mouse, there is a pop menu , select save command.


Q9. How to make a hypertext link?

 when you use FrontPage editor, first select the text or picture, and then select insert menu in menu  bar, and then select hyperlink command.


Q10. How to automatically load back sound?

  Refer to Back sound example


Q11. Where to find html tutorial?

  You find html tutorial in IT222 resource directory or "http://www.cstp.umkc.edu/html/technical/home.html"


Q12. How to use FTP?

 One is WS_FTP95LE graphic interface, see FTP  tutorial.Another is command interface. 
Select start manue, and select program files, select command Prompt. There is a pop 
window, and select the director which your file locates, at $ prompt, type 
"ftp marge.cstp.umkc.edu", and input your user name and password, and set transfer 
mode as bin or ASCII (plain text), use get command to retrieval file from marge, and 
send command to put file into marge. 


Q13. How to draw table?

See  table example  and  draw table instruction.  Using table to layout images


Q14. How to find smil tutorial?

 See smil tutorial 

 Q15. How to make smil file?

 First build a smil file smil file, then build a link to this smil file ,see example . 

Q16. How to insert a video and audio clip?

 Use codes "<embed src="Friends.asx" name="video" autostart=true volume=50% loop=true controls=smallconsole width="128" height="128"> "<embed src="hello.wav" name="audio" autostart=true loop=true controls=smallconsole width="128" height="128"> <p>


Q17.Why is the graphic not in the right position when it shows in browser?

 A: see answer 


Q18.What does CV mean?

  A CV stands for Curriculum Vitae...it is like a Master Resume that includes
all your academic accomplishments as well as all your job related
experience.  It is what you use for a resume in the Academic world.
  A CV is a biographical resume listing jobs, training, career overall.
CV is short for the Latin phrase "curriculum vitae" (the running of or
the course of your life - currere = to run, vita = life or vivere = to


Q19. How to find the default page?

 1. if your homepage is named as default.htm. if it's not, you have
   to give the file name after ../username/  
2. if you put your page in your NT account directly. if not, you have
   to give the forder name in your URL, such as username/fordername/filename 
3. if you use the correct URL http://drexel.cstp.umkc.edu/username
4. if you use frontpage2000 to create your homepage, notice that if the
   extension of the file is hidden when you save your file. if it's hidden, 
   you will get the file as "default.htm.htm"


Q20.Where is the link to Quiz page?If this is the right link http://dancer.cstp.umkc.edu/Quiz/pwd_login.asp 
then I will also need valid password for it.
Yes, that is the link, and yes, you will need your VU password (above) in
order to access it.  We will also have to add you to the access list, so
give us a couple of days to do that.  Then you can take all the quizzes you
Q21. About the quizzes, when do we supposed to take them, anytime we want?
 Since we don't need to have book for this class I'm assuming
 that all the quizzes will be based on lecture notes, right?

 That is correct.  On all counts.  We do not have a text for the class
because we cover such a variety of topics.  You can take the quizzes
anytime you want, as many times as you want.  The quizzes are based on the
lecture materials on the Web.  It is not material that needs to be
memorized.  You simply need to be able to demonstrate familiarity with the
information.  I suggest that you have the quiz in one window, and the
lecture notes in the other window

Q22.How to use Windows Explorer?

 This tutorial will show how to set optimal options of windows Exporer.

Q23.How to use Frontpage2000?

 This tutorial will show how to use  Frontpage2000.

Q24.How to use table to layout images?

 This tutorial will show how to use table to layout images

Q25.How to use scanner?

 This tutorial will show how to use scanner in Lab 463

Q26.How can I login window NT account in CSTP?

 This tutorial will show the information of Window NT.

Q27.What is ASP and how to use it?
 This tutorial is ASP basic, you can also find form information.