table example 1 


We insert a table with two column and seven rows into a page. Then we merge the rows in left column 
of this table (or the number of rows you want to merge).



 table example 2


This is table with two columns and two rows. In this table, we merge the two cells in the first row.
Then we adjust the width of the first cell on the second row to the size we want. 




 table example 3


This is a table with two columns and four rows. We merge the four rows on the right column 
to one cell. Also, we insert a table with four columns and one row in this single cell. 




In fact, you can creat any kind of tables you'd like to use by using the merge, the split cell, the 
cell property and the table property . It can help you to organize your stuff on your webpage 
and make the page getting the looking you want it is.